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My advanture on Dec.
Go to Oita, it's totally a my advanture for me.

I'll be leave from Toronto at 8:30a.m. 8th Dec and arrive in Narita airport at 15:20 p.m. 9th Dec. 13 hours flight?

And then, from Narita, I have to go to take the local fly to Osaka Itami airport- -;for sure after landed I'm going to rush to the north or south wing to get the bus to ShinOsaka station.

From ShinOsaka--->Kokura--->Oita midnight!Pat better pick me up

20th Dec. on the way back:

8:00 Itami ----->Narita(arrive at 9lish but the flight to Toroto is at 5:00PM)--->Toronto--->Ottawa



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