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Relatives VS. Friends
I don't really care if you guys helping me or not. I know it will be such inconvenience for you guys to carry my big baggage. "You never helped us before and always talk shit behind everyone, I ask you for credit card thing, you didn't try to give a shit to me..."

sign!~You right I never helped you on anything! Register TOEFL exam, went down to Toronto during my exam period, working on those high school art assignments, give advises on applying universities, moving from Ottawa to Toronto..

I got hurt from you so many times. Kicked me out of your apt when I was in Toronto, and lucky I got my friend, Her mom kindly allow me to stay at her place and even give me a ride to the exam place. My other friend know that I have to catch a earlier flight to Japan, He offered me a ride to the airport in the middle of the night. And he had to work at 8:00am next morning.

Lucky I got friends in the world.

*PS. international flight 23kg per baggage. not 20kg.



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