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2 Villagers
2 Japanese settlers (x2)
2 Shrine Wagons
2 Shrine Wagons (x2)
Heavenly Kami

Shrines are cheaper and their resource rates are increased.

Auto Gather XP  +50%

Shrine Japanese Wood -25% (Base Percent)

Auto Gather Coin Gold +50%

Auto Gather Food Food +50%

Auto Gather Wood Wood +50%

Advanced Wonders

Wonders have more hitpoints and are built faster.

Abstract Wonder Hitpoints +50%

Abstract Wonder build 25% faster

TEAM Chonindo

All Villagers and Fishing Boats gather faster.

Gather Huntable +8%

Gather Berry Bush +8%

Gather Herdable +8%

Gather Abstract Mine +8%

Gather Tree +8%

Gather Plantation +8%

Gather Mill +8%

Gather Abstract Whale +8%

Gather Abstract Fish +8%

Gather Farm +8%

Gather Berry Building +8%

Gather Grove Building +8%

1 Cherry Orchard Rickshaw
Ship 1 Cherry Orchard Rickshaws (x2)

Cherry Blossom Festival

Villagers gather from Berry Bushes and Cherry Orchards faster.

Gather BerryBush +15%

Gather ypBerryBuilding +15%

Villagers gather all Wood faster.

Gather Grove Building +15%

Gather Tree +15%

Advanced Rice Paddy

Rice Paddies are cheaper and stronger.

Rice Paddy Wood -50% (Percent)

Rice Paddy Hitpoints +100%

Torii Gates
1.5x experience points earned.
( 1 Military Rickshaw & 1 Samurai )

4 Villagers
4Japanese settlers (x2)
4 Shrine Wagons
4 Shrine Wagons (x2)
Seven Lucky Gods

Unlocks experience point generation from Shrines. Increases build bounty for constructing Shrines.

Tactic Enable Shrine XP for Abstract Shrine

Build Bounty +50%

TEAM 2 Castle Rickshaws
TEAM Ships 2 Castle Rickshaw that can transform into a Castle.

ships 2 CastleWagon

ships 2 War Hut Travois

ships 2 Outpost Wagon

2 Cherry Orchard Rickshaw
ships2 Berry Wagons (x2)

Yumi Archer Attack

Yumi Archer attack increased.

Yumi all damage actions +15%

Ashigaru Musketeer Attack

Ashigaru Musketeer attack increased.

Ashigaru all damage actions +15%

Onin War

All infantry's building attack increased.

Abstract Infantry Building Attack +33%

Golden Pavilion
Choose a bonus to land military units. Contains advanced arsenal improvements.
( 6 Yumi )

7 Villagers
7Japanese settlers (x2)

Stream of Enlightenment

Enemy units nearby Japanese Monks have less attack.

Abstract Japanese Monk enables Frighten Damage

Way of the Bow

Yumi Archer range and hitpoints increased.

Yumi LOS +2

Yumi Volley Ranged Attack range +2

Yumi Stagger Ranged Attack range +2

Yumi Defend Ranged Attack range +2

Yumi Hitpoints +15%

Close Combat

Ashigaru Musketeer hitpoints increased and they do extra damage against cavalry.

Ashigaru Hitpoints +15%

Ashigaru Melee Hand Attack +1X vs Abstract Cavalry

Ashigaru Volley Hand Attack +1X vs Abstract Cavalry

Ashigaru Stagger Hand Attack +1X vs Abstract Cavalry

Ashigaru Defend Hand Attack +1X vs Abstract Cavalry

Ashigaru Melee Hand Attack +0.75X vs Abstract Light Infantry

Ashigaru Volley Hand Attack +0.75X vs Abstract Light Infantry

Ashigaru Stagger Hand Attack +0.75X vs Abstract Light Infantry

Ashigaru Defend Hand Attack +0.75X vs Abstract Light Infantry

Yabusame Attack

Yabusame attack increased.

Yabusame all damage actions +20%

In-Yo Rush

Yabusame attack increased and they do more damage against artillery.

Yabusame all damage actions +1X vs Abstract Artillery

Yabusame all damage actions +20%

Yabusame Building Attack -1X vs Abstract Artillery

Land Reforms

Villagers and Rickshaws build buildings much faster and get more experience points when done.

Build Building +50%

Build Town Center +50%

Build Village +50%

Build Rice Paddy +50%

Build Bounty +100%

Build Castle +50%

Build Dock Asian +50%

Build Berry Building +50%

Build Shrine Japanese +50%

Build Dojo +50%

Build Trading Post +50%

Build Outpost +50%

Build Factory +50%

Build Fort +50%

Build Abstract Wonder +%

Terraced Hillsides

Ships a Rice Paddy Rickshaw and increases Villagers' gather rate from Rice Paddies, Mills, Farms, and Plantations for Food and Coin.

ships 1 YPRicePaddyWagon

Gather Farm +10%

Gather Mill +10%

Gather Plantation +10%

Great Buddha
Informers - Reveals enemies for a short time.
( 5 Naginate Rider )

The Shogunate
Land military units train faster and cost less.
( 1 Daimyo & 600 xp )

Toshogu Shrine
Is a large Shrine (gives 20 pop), and increases Shrine income.
( 1200 export )

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