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Japan plan
Can't believed my mom said that I should just go to Japan for my holiday. I feel bad about flying back to Asian and not seeing my mom, but she seems with it, or she just pretent she's okay.

Anyways, that made me more days in Japan, so better make everything work for this holiday. So plan plan plan. Well, this is something in my mind:

Tokyo visit Tamir and Ayaka.

Hokkaidō next? Not sure about this plan yet.

Osaka? Nyogo?see if I can get a hold with Kurara and Daniel, and also go to Horoshima to visit Eriko, cuz she promised me take me to a nice and cheap okonomiyaki place..hohohoho.

Kyoto, I would like to go back to the Kiyomizu-dera, cuz that place is amazing.

Jii's going to take one day off from work. Hope they allow him to do so.

Umitamago, some private Onsen place.Cook for mon jii jii.

*muffin will kick out from house, stay in a hotel alone. Jii and me need some moment..LOLYin said poor muffin.(so you should come with us!~ and stay with muffin.)

I really have to do some research now, esp. the schdeule about JR. Save money for sure!!! Book the plane ticket this month and I can save$200.

Can't wait til Dec..LOL



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