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Osaka, Kobe

It is 3:54 we took the Dream Nichirin to Kokura

Tired too, but happy cuz I got my rail pass and

Tea. Also going to see Muffin brother and Kurara chan

Nice washroom...

From Kokura, we took Hikari rail star to Shinosaka

to hungry, love this bento box.

Why we were taking Haruka- -; cuz someone stuck in Kansai airport. Took me
and jii at least 2 hours to bring him back. And these 2 guys drive me nutzzzzzzzzz

Pjj no meat special

That thing there is delicious

Everyone pic time

Why you open the door!!!!!!

Taking pic with Kurara mama at San no miya station

I guess Japanese food is never enough for these white guys..LOL..actually
I was also hungry there.

Blue Nichirin..

Muffin hat and scarf is mine now..hohohohohoho

Pjj said that:s Oita Kabosu



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