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Japan Day 1 and 2

Nice small hotel room reserved by imotou AYAKA..thank you so much

Again, small that you should expected. But they got everything!!

take a nice bath first

I totally enjoy this bath! cuz was like after dinner with Tamir, and went back to hote. so It:s like at least 10:00pm. Remeber I took the stay overnight in the Pearson aipoirt(lucky got brother Danny give me a ride there<3) 5hrs55min to Vancouver, don:t know why it takes so long. From there the flight delay for a hour,due to there's something wrong with entertainment operation system, no video for my flying times- -;bored. but, whatever, I sleep the whole time anyways. So finally get to Tokyo Narita at 4:55pm, which the flight was expecting arrive at 3:20pm originally. Still haven:t go to Ikebururo yet!. Take Narita express to Tokyo station, takes about 55 min. and from there switch the Yamanote line,takes me about other half an hour. Anyways....

bored~~~~~~tired~~~~~~~wrong side, whatever
taking more and more pics (that looks long, but not really)

cold green tea latte after the bath COOL~~

snacks for tomorrow 7 hours train hungry, can:t wait til next daym well what I:m talking about, it:s already next day..LOL

Waiting Hikari 401 to ShinOsaka at Shinagawa.  I shouldn't trust Tamir. I know Tokyo station is more close to Ikebukuro. 24min to Tokyo using the outter line.28min to Shinagawa using the inner line. But he's right, Shinagawa is easier for me to find the Shinkansen line!

Bored~~kinda want to press it. :P

Really clear direction!!!

Dizzy"! too fast?too early?jet lay??dont: know...kimochi waruiiii

OMG!!that totally helps.

Sonic 21! dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy, but really pretty train
(4 hours waiting time, I was going in and out different stores. 600yen/day put all my stuffs inside the
large coin locker)
he brought me there, where?

Indian resteruant..LOL
nice one!

Order mango Lassi, won:t go wrong!

Spanich curry lamb 10degree with cheese nann bread!



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