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I dont' want to be garbage can no more!!!!!
Is like everyone has issues, it's not just you guys. I know you guys are trust me, that's why always run into me, but enough is enough. I don't want to talk same shit over and over, and after all you guys just didn't change at all- -; Then seriously, what's the point of me keep talking to you guys. Ya, love is important, but not the most important thing in the world. We as women have to had the ability of feeding our own first! Job is the first priority right now! Did you hear that??JOB!!!!!! I'm sick of repeat my sentences. Also I'm really annoy by you guys behavior. Reminds me the old ME. The gal always think Love is Life, without that guy she can't live in this world. No more that life for me, women!! I don't want to see this no more! And you know what~At least I know how to stop myself, at least I know judge if that person is deserve my care and love. But you don't! And at least, I'm not hungry like you, always trying to look for a guy!That just totally stupid and sick or me. I don't care! Deal with it, you guys are old enough to dealing with your own shit!! I got enough~!! totally enough~~I got my biggest right now, bothering me, and I have to study and work and so on and on. SO, please, stop it. Be more independent.




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