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Monkey Majik in Ottawa
Sooooo CoooooooooooooooL~~~~~ Awesome!~~~~really lould, really fun, really high!!!

Their Live performance is as good as the record version! So many people gathering at this small night club, a lot of them can't get in becoz all the tickets were sold out. Lucky, we got the advance ticket online and lucky, smart gal Winca print out the payment confirmation page.

concert not start until 21:30 and I have to go to work at 23:00. Therefore I left early at 22:20.

Few things can't believed about this concert
1: the ticket is only CAD 8.00 (800JPY)
2: saw Plant brothers' parent(s)?father?
3: so so so close to Monkey Majik, like really I bet this never gonna happened in JAPAN.

Looked at these brothers share the same hobby. Their performance, their smile, tells you how much they love music. Oh! and don't forget Dick's bass and Tax's drum!!!They are cool too!!!!

*will post photos later~~~YEAH~~~~~~~

p.s. Jason got Blaise's guitar pick!><

Maynard Plant

Blaise Plant





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