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Lumière Festival
That Muffin made me and his buddy Tong walked all the way from Breezehill to New Edinburgh Park. And he also lead us to a island only for retirement people, we sorta get lost there too.Not only that, we were walking through the construction place, it's muddy,rocks all over the place, and some freaky smoking women asked Muffin if I'm his g/f, and they were saying the reason was becoz they think I'm pretty. I think they are just some lesbian drunk old women. Or they just being nice.Well, that was all my complains,lol

The festivale itself's really Cool~~~I love it. I like those candles lighted up alone the path in the park, on the trees, cover with chinese umbrellas, surrounding with glass bottles full of water, inside the paper bags, chinese take-out boxes...People's performance was also Great. Love that sexy Egyptian folkloric dance and Fire Weavers they are just amazing~ It's a place full of passion, but somehow created an calm, peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Nice weather, didn't really rain, not too hot, didn't feel any mosquitoes's biting me (coz there are so many fresh meat kids there)hohohohoho~~

Festivale and performance ends at 23:00, but Tong would like to stay there longer to help these people out doing some cleaning, since we didn't make any donations, therefore 3 free labours. Blowed off some candles, took them out of the paper bags( wax hand) took those pretty pinky, purple lanterns off trees,collected those big animal shape lanterns back to the park fieldhouse. Nay...too tired let's go home...LOL.

walk walk walk, walk to the wrong way again. Pretty shame for me, I've lived here for almost 5 years, but not really good with directions, and downtown area. So why don't we just go to that 7-11 place and get some slush.Zzzzzzz.....sleepy, tired, rock climbing this afternoon, walking the whole evening. Someone still be able to talk to the cab driver. Well, he's almost talk toeveryone. Amazing guy...

Good day~wonderful Saturday.



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